Curtain Wrap Up

by Cait

We’ve been a bit curtain crazy around here over the last month or so.

There has been a lot of cutting…

Yes those are my hands & our curtain fabric, but that is not our floor.  Long story.

And ironing…

Notice we got a new-to-us ironing board and a new cover.

And admiring…

Helper Dog admires the library curtains.

And not freaking our while watching Criminal Minds...

And in case that wasn’t enough curtain-action already?

The 5 are swatches and the bottom is for the bedroom. Somebody stop me before I order again.

I promise we’ll be back with a real post about the art room curtains (and maybe some info on how we made the backdoor curtains if anyone is interested) soon!

11 Responses to “Curtain Wrap Up”

  1. Wow, looks great Cait! Where are you buying your fabric from?

    • Thanks Sara!

      We’ve been using for our fabric. I think we have a Calico Corners here (and a JoAnn with rude employees), but I’m pretty sure Calico Corners is closed on Sunday, which is ALWAYS the day I want to go. seems to have good prices, sales and coupons (RetailMeNot has codes and they send you a coupon with every order), and free shipping over $35. Plus the fabric gets here in two days and I love getting mail! haha

  2. Yum! I love new curtains. I have a friend that hates them, she just has fake wood blinds everywhere. I just can’t understand that!! Looking good, lady!

  3. I’m in desperate need of some new curtains!! Would love to se a tutorial on how you did the back door. Very snazzy!

  4. those black and white blinds are gorgeous. and so is your dog! also, love the frisco print.


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