Birthday Wishes

by Cait

I hope everyone in blogland had a nice Valentine’s Day!  My Valentine’s Day was filled with junk mail, speculation about things at my job, and three Hersey’s kisses from a coworker.  (But Robert and I got dinner from Whole Foods, ate chocolate covered popcorn, and watched a bit of tv, so it was a nice evening.)

I figured that since my birthday is some day before the 19th (as I mentioned to Karen in the comments on this post), I should probably post a wish list.  Anyone who knows me in person and who feels the need to buy me presents is now rolling their eyes because they have probably all bought something already.  (My Spidey Sense — oh, sorry Em/anyone else arachnophobic, I meant Super Sleuthing Skillz — tell me that Robert has been getting calls for at least a week now.  But he won’t tell me who they’re from or what he suggested.)  So, let’s not call this a wish list, let’s call this a list of things that would make me happy.  Some of them I might buy myself this weekend, because who doesn’t like buying themselves presents?

  1. I don’t actually need anything for my birthday, so it would be nice if friends/family to made a donation to someone who does instead.  The Humane Society (where we got both our dogs) and Habitat for Humanity (where we met, and a great place to learn DIY skills) are two of my favorite charities.
  2. Book Arc – Since we started setting up the art room/office I have wanted one of these for my MacBook Pro.  Granted, I want twin 27″ Apple displays too (so not gonna happen) and you don’t see me wish listing those babies!
  3. Ikea Pugg Wall Clock – We don’t have nearly enough clocks in our house (we both usually rely on our phones or computers), and this one is both stylish and affordable.
  4. Burt’s Bees Chapstick (the classic one, though I love the pomegranate one and the mango one sounds neat) – I use chapstick a lot and I’m constantly losing mine, using it all, melting it, breaking the mechanism that dispenses it, whatever. Simple things make me happy.
  5. I love gift cards!  My favorite places to shop are Target, Ikea, Pottery Barn/West Elm, Z Gallerie, Crate&Barrel/CB2, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, the Apple Store and iTunes.
  6. Dr Teal’s Eucalyptus Spearmint Epsom Salt – Great for unwinding after a long day of DIY (and looks great in a glass jar in the guest bathroom).
  7. Einstein Bro’s Vanilla Hazelnut coffee – (I couldn’t find a picture of the bag) I love this coffee.  With or without the toasted asiago bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese.
  8. Z Gallerie Ceramic Rhino – I’ve had my eye on this guy ever since we joined the White Ceramic Animal Club.  I may have to scoop one up on our trip to Ikea/Crate&Barrel/West Elm/Z Gallerie this weekend. (What Jess, you didn’t know we were going all those places? haha)
  9. Super Drive – While I realize that CDs/DVDs are practically obsolete at this point, we are in the process of digitizing our entire media collection, and since our Mac Mini Server (which doesn’t have a disc drive) I’m getting tired of burning things to my MacBook Pro (and then transferring them to the server).  And also?  Sharing media with friends (especially those who use Windows) would be much, much easier with if than one computer was capable of burning discs.

Ok but seriously, I’m not the only one who buys myself presents, right?


12 Comments to “Birthday Wishes”

  1. I totally buy myself reward gifts for certain things. In college it was acing a test or rocking a paper.. at work it was surviving a week without losing my mind… and now… hmm… actually ive run out of reasons! yikes! no presents for me!!

    Happy Early Birthday love!

  2. Very nice list! I too am addicted to lots of chapstick :)

    As for your birthday, are you still an Aquarius according to Kunkle?

    • Thanks Stephanie!
      And also, that’s a good question! I don’t think that it was the system of astrological signs that Americans follow that changed (although I could be wrong, I suppose) but according to Wikipedia I am an Aquarius in both systems. So… yes? I guess? Haha I don’t really follow astrology…

  3. would love to know how the apple mini server works out!!
    and amen to the burts bees chapstick! :)

    • The Mac Mini Server is awesome, lots of computing power in a small package. We mainly got the server because it was less expensive than upgrading the processor/etc options for a “normal” Mac Mini, but we have been kicking around the idea of using it to host the blog (though if we ever got big that probably wouldn’t work). Maybe I’ll have Robert do a tech post soon.

  4. Hyuge up to the Humane Society. They do so much good, and many of them need funding desperately. Walking in and seeing some of those animals breaks my heart, and I want to take them home, but then Ashley has to talk me down and tell me “Brandt, we saved 2 cats….we don’t need to be ‘those people’ with 14 cats.”

    *le sigh*

    and happy early birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Love the list, I’d take everything except for the Burt’s Bees. Mike and I have this argument all the time, but I am just not a fan!

  6. I have(and love!) that rhino. He spent December standing guard under the Christmas tree, and mow he’s standing on a cheapo aqua colored table next to a tiny potted succulent.

    • I love him too! For some reason (possibly extreme embarrassment at almost knocking over a vase), I didn’t buy him when we were at ZGallerie, but I may have to get him soon!

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