Oh And Also?

by Cait

West Elm sent Robert a present for my birthday!**  Aren’t they nice?

My Super Sleuthing Skillz (in other words, me reading the top left corner of the box and spoiling any ounce of mystery left in Robert telling me that he maybe, possibly ordered something) tell me it’s the Flat Stock Flush Mount Light I wanted!  Woohoo!  Now we just need to add a switch for it, since the fan it will be replacing only turns on with pull chains (despite there being two mystery switches that don’t do anything near the door to the guest room).  Any volunteers to crawl in our super tiny attic and install the necessary wiring? ;)

PS- And by “sent Robert a present for my birthday” I mean, he bought the light I wanted when I oh-so-helpfully mentioned they were having a lighting sale a while back (and then it was on backorder, so it didn’t show up until now, but it did come before they said it would), because we are still way, way too small of a blog for anyone to even think about making offers of free stuff for us to decline.

PPS- I like the pretend to make a big deal out of my birthday by drawing it out for about half a month and calling any purchases “birthday presents”, when in actuality I don’t really care all that much and I rarely ever tell anyone when my birthday is.  In fact, Ryan (who I’ve know for over 8 years) still asks me every year around March or April “when is your birthday again?”

15 Responses to “Oh And Also?”

  1. You almost had me jumping over to the West Elm Website to start to look for the Birthday form! Ha!

    • Oh I would SO be all over that form if it existed, Eric!! I just typed it the way I phrased it to Robert when I was teasing him about the package (“look, they sent YOU a present for MY birthday!”) aaaand then I figured I should add a post script… haha.

      Maybe West Elm will go the way of restaurants(&other companies) and send out birthday coupons? (Or do they have birthday coupons and we just don’t know?)

  2. Sweet! Hooray for birthday presents!

  3. You gotta draw out the birthdays as long as possible I agree! The light looks great!

  4. I’ll send my husband to crawl through your teeny-tiny attic, if you send your husband to crawl through our teeny-tiny crawl space to fix the mystery dripping sound. ; )

    Give us a clue on your birthday: Are you an Aquarius or ???

  5. I agree, around our house we call it birthday kwanza and it can last anywhere from weeks to months…any excuse for happies right?! love the light!

  6. Will you let us know if the metal trim is truly brushed nickel? I’ve been eying this light for months and it looks so brassy in the stock photo that I haven’t been able to order it.

    • We haven’t actually opened the box yet (I’m not sure why, although I do kind of think that then I’d be even more anxious to put it up?) but we’ll definitely make sure to let you know!


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