A Ledgedly

by Cait

Ok, the title of this post is a ridiculously bad pun, please forgive me.

A while back we had the idea to make metal picture ledges the ran the length of our living room windows, which are 105″ long.

images from West Elm

The shelves from West Elm only come in 2′, 3′ or 4′ sections.  We were going to have Robert’s best friend Ryan make us some, but the metal brake he and his dad have only bends 2′ sections.  To save him the effort of welding and smoothing at least four 2′ sections together into one long section, we decided to ask a buddy of Robert’s who works at a machine shop how big their metal brake was.  Unfortunately it turns out that the machine shop’s brake is only 6′ long.  I’m trying to decide if that is long enough, especially since there will be long curtains on the living room windows soon, meaning they will covering the ledge area part of the time.  (Yes, I want long curtains and I am also semi-married to the idea of ledges below the windows.  Is that weird?)

Anyone have any advice for us on the subject?  Should we just abandon the idea of long shelves and get Ryan to make us a couple 2′ ones for over the tv?

6 Comments to “A Ledgedly”

  1. I have no advice pertaining to the length of the ledges, or machine shop stuff, but I had to say that I FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS POST TITLE!!!

  2. I’m just wondering if they sell metal pieces already in that shape for another purpose. Google “channel steel” – there are tons of pre-fab options that I bet you could make fabulous!

  3. If you get shorter ones, you can always stagger them across the wall. I love the idea!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Lisa! I think we’re still trying to decide if we want to stagger them, or find a way to still make a 105″ shelf. I’m stubborn and think that in the living room I want one long shelf, but in other areas I’d be ok with shorter ones staggered… I like to be a pain like that I guess.

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