Making Light of the Situation

by Cait

Since I sometimes have decorating ADHD an inability to focus on one space at a time, I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to decide what kind of light I want over the living room table (as I mentioned here).  The current frontrunners are:

The Victory pendant is a bit more than we want to spend & might blend into the wall too much, the Eden may be a bit big, and we would most likely DIY a slightly smaller version of the West Elm Cluster Bulb Pendant.  Also, if we got tired of the bare bulb look of the DIYed Cluster Bulb look, we could always add cage to them.  (Which is a much more pleasant option if you have access to a large number of wire coat hangers and/or a friend who has a tendency to get bored and make things, rather than paying $110-195 a pop.)

Apologies for the blurry HTC pic, I tend to get text messages like this after I ask Ryan about making something

I also have it on semi-good authority from the Birthday Fairy that the light over the table needs to at least coordinate with the light I wanted to replace the living room fan with from West Elm.  Said Birthday Fairy recently said something like “It would need to coordinate with the West Elm light which I might possibly have purchased when it was 20% off. But I didn’t.”

I guess it would have been helpful to wait about a week in case I “maybe, possibly” receive something light-like for my birthday,  but at least it looks like the DIY Cluster Bulb pendant won’t clash with the Flush Mount?

5 Responses to “Making Light of the Situation”

  1. Light shopping is the best! We just got a similar pendant light to the CB2 one at West Elm and I love it! One thing I thought I would mention about that CB2 version (we looked at it in the store) is it doesn’t come with the kit for installation so that bare cord is what attaches the light to the ceiling. We thought it looked a little unfinished. Not sure if maybe we just aren’t hip enough or if it really does need more of an install kit?

  2. I really love the CB2 Eden, but I think all of your picks are great styles! Overstock also have some fun (and affordable) choices. :)

    • Thanks so much for the suggestion, Leslie! We’ve done a bit of virtual window shopping at other places, but keep coming back to these three (and maybe a few Ikea options, though we want to scope those out in person soon…) Hopefully I/we stop being indecisive!


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