Retaining Water

by Cait

Everyone remember our friend Mr Ceiling Crack?

Meet his new BFF, Mr Bucket.

Blogging about your house is super glamorous.


Hello small window in which we must evict Mr Bucket. (Please don’t hate us for for the temps.)

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16 Responses to “Retaining Water”

  1. Why is it so WARM! And why is it so COLD here?

    • Sorry it’s so cold there, Sara!! North Florida mainly just gets rain this time of year, so we had flood & tornado warnings until right before I left work today. I’ll refrain from mentioning the average number of days we normally have below freezing,..

  2. Oh sugar! And of course it’s pouring like crazy … grrr, so sorry. Hope you get to evict Mr Bucket and Mr Ceiling Crack quickly and without further ado!

    PS: I consider everything below 75F as freezing :o)

    • Thanks Micha! I hope we do, too!

      I’m trying to look at the bright side: Robert just said the ceiling smoothing we have listed on our To Do List just got bumped to this summer. So, as soon as we have a nice, dry attic with no leak (and the money to do so) we can a get the crack fixed (either DIY or hiring the guy my parents used for their kitchen & bathroom) and then hopefully negotiate getting our our kitchen, guest room, and guest bath de-popcorned.

      PS- I consider anything below 75F freezing, too! (Although after this winter, 60 feels pretty good.)

  3. Oy, that does not look like fun. I just found a little water staining on our living room wall and wasn’t very happy about it. It’s all dried out, but it showed up this winter (our 4th) for the first time. I’ll be interested to hear about any leak troubleshooting you do!

    • I’ll be sure to write (or have Robert write) a post on what we decide to do! For now we just have Mr Bucket there and are thankful that it’s sunny. We did crawl in the attic, though (ok he crawled in the attic while I stuck my head in and tried not to breathe thanks to allergies).

  4. Ooooohh, not fun! :( And I AM jealous of those temperatures! I hope that the fix is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

    • Thanks Leslie! In talking to a friend of ours (one of about three people I trust with fixing things) he described it as “the obligatory chimney leak” and that it’s usually about a $20 fix, so I’m crossing my fingers!

  5. Cait! I just saw that you nominated me for the Homies. Thank you so much, that is very sweet! I am frankly shocked at the top group. A few of those I’ve never heard of, and one of them is a brand-new blog with no followers or subscribers! The top should have definitely included Brooklyn Limestone and Making it Lovely. Oh well.

    • You’re welcome Sara! Your house is amazing, you totally deserve more recognition!

      I was pretty shocked, too! I had heard of a few of the smaller blogs but … well, I’ll try to avoid being snarky here, but you’re right, totally should have included Making It Lovely and Brooklyn Limestone!!

  6. Oh no! I was wondering how your Mr. Crack was doing…sad about the new relationship with Mr. Bucket! We have had water issues ALL WINTER so I can relate. At least winter is almost over and we will have all summer to fix these ridiculous issues.

  7. Oh no!! how awful! Looking for the silver lining, is there a piece of furniture that you hate that could ‘mysteriously’ take Mr. Buckets place, then you would HAVE to get a new one – since the ugly old one is ruined. (Who am I kidding – you probably have nothing ugly and old)
    Good luck with the rain to come!

    • Haha I like the way you think, Megan! I can’t think of anything to take Me Bucket’s place off the top of my head, though. I think the (other) silver lining will be suggesting more things for the ceiling guy we will probably hire to fix. (“Hey, can you also look at our bathroom ceiling? How much would it be to fix this chipping paint that we haven’t wanted to touch in case it’s lead based…” haha)

      PS- We totally have ugly/old stuff hanging out in the 4th bedroom & on the porch that we haven’t shown on the blog… I am shamefaced…


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