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January 24, 2011

Easy Update: Bridge Faucet

by Cait

We recently changed out our kitchen faucet to the one we mentioned here.  While we liked our previous faucet’s functionality and it was in perfectly good shape, I fell in love with the style of bridge faucets after reading Urban Grace for a while and seeing several gorgeous kitchens and bathrooms with them.  Also we occasionally smacked our large pasta pot into the other faucet while washing it.  While working on our 100th post I found this faucet in our price range at Home Depot, and we decided to get it and donate the old faucet to ReStore.

Our uninstall and install went smoothly.  I won’t go through it step by step with pictures because 1) I’m not a plumber, 2) it’s easy  and 3) the install required a good bit of flashlight holding and handing Robert tools on my part, so I could really only take one or two pictures.

This may or may not have been strategically taken after the uninstall had begun. </blogger fail>

We glanced over the instructions, checked whether we needed anything from the hardware store, and partially cleared out the under sink cabinets.  Then we turned off the water (which normally just involves turning off the valves under the sink, but because ours are old and don’t all work exactly as they should, we just turn the water to the whole house off) and gathered the tools we needed.

From there it was pretty much a whole lot of this:

Basically we just:

  1. Turned off the water & relieved the pressure from the system to try to avoid excess water dumping out of the supply  lines (which may or may not have happened when we installed our previous faucet)
  2. Disconnected the water supply lines
  3. Removed the old soap pump and the cover from the 4th hole which wasn’t used with the last faucet
  4. Took the weight/stopper off the pullout and disconnected it
  5. Lifted the old faucet out
  6. Cleaned any soap scum/build up from the sink
  7. Put the new faucet in place & connected everything
  8. Turned the water on to check for leaks

We also put towels down for any water that did drain out of the supply lines when we disconnected them, and used a bit of Teflon tape when we reattached things.  The whole process went really quickly, and when we were done we actually commented on how easy it was as compared to the last time.  I’m sure this is both because we’d done the whole thing before and the fact that the new faucet is a much simpler design.  Our new faucet came with instructions that only had 5 steps, so faucet companies probably know it’s not exactly rocket science.  But I have  also taken things apart and put them back together for the heck of it my entire life, so I could be biased.

Has anyone else switched out a faucet or done another easy update recently?