by Cait

I was at Target earlier today without Robert (which doesn’t happen very often) and saw this rug for $20.  Rather than stretch it out on the floor in the store and snap a pic to text him, I just decided to get it and we’d return it later if he hated it, especially since it was the last one.

Well, we can’t decide.  I think I like it, but sometimes I think it’s too brown.  Robert thinks he likes it, but isn’t sure either.

I thought that it might be the floor throwing us off, and finally had the idea to use some of the floor samples we have to give us an idea of what it would look like in the kitchen with something other than tile.  It probably also would have worked to just put the rug on the wood floor, but it’s a different color and I wanted to see it with the kitchen lighting.

What do y’all think?  Is the rug a winner or not?

21 Comments to “Undecided”

  1. I think on it’s own it’s really pretty! but you for sure would want to maybe get one of those cushy rug mats that go under the rug? just to make it more comfy on your feet while cooking! and prevent slipping too maybe?

    Would you end up adding any chocolate brown accents into the kitchen to compliment it? like dishtowels maybe? or would you bring in a pop of color? We should mood board it! It’s so pretty but right now it looks a teeny bit out of place.

    Maybe i’m crazy though! don’t mind me! It’s really flipping cute and you totally cannot beat the price!

    and ps: go you!!! — your kitchen is super pretty/clean!

    • Thanks Jenn! I’m thinking the brown may tie in more with the flooring change we are hoping to do soon, but we would probably also look for green and brown dish towels like you mentioned. Also we are going to make a curtain for the window, so I’m thinking that will be some sort of green/yellow&brown print (our dishtowels are green and yellow right now). I should definitely update the design board with the rug!

    • I just realize that part of why it may seem less out of place in person is that the kitchen opens into the living room, which has a dark wood ceiling, so it sort of flows. But we’re still thinking about adding brown accents!

  2. I think it’s unsymmetricalness (is that word?) is throwing me off. I am not always a fan of symmetry, but on a graphic rug without anything on top of it (a table, or chair, or something) I think symmetry is a benefit.

  3. I think this rug is great! And the price–what a steal! I love the pattern, and if it doesn’t match the room you want it in, I’m sure it might work in another!

    • Thanks Birdonawire! I think it may be growing on me. And you’re right, it may work somewhere like in our bedroom next to the bed if we decide against it for the kitchen.

  4. I love the pattern of the rug, and the price. I think it looks really good in there! (With both flooring options.) Since everything else is pretty plain (in a good way) I think the pattern is fun and makes the kitchen look more lively.

  5. That rug is a total STEAL! How is it possibly that cheap! I really like it. I think it is fun and gives a new dimension to the kitchen. For $20 you can totally spice up your kitchen and later if you decide against it you didn’t make a huge investment. I say KEEP IT!

    • Thanks Heather! I was so stoked to find a cute rug for $20! I <3 Target! I think the rug is growing on us, although Robert is teasing me that we have a rug overload now.

  6. I love it. And I think it looks even more awesome against the hardwoods. And it was $20!

    • Thanks Lisa! I think it’s staying, but we’re not 100% yet. Maybe about 90-95% (or I’m 90-95% and Robert is… some % that he hasn’t specified, but he’s not complaining either). And woohoo (again) for it only being $20!

  7. I love it! I think it looks great! Warms up the space quite a bit

    • Thanks Rebecca! We’re fairly certain it’s going to stay (or I am i guess, Robert kind of just rolls his eyes at my rug obsession now, but I think he likes it, too).

  8. i dont have too much too add other than…i like the rug itself. i love the space it fills in the kitchen. I think it does bring warmth & depth. i it was a good buy and for $20 a steal! maybe a rug pad tho. and i love your faucet!

    • Thanks Nikima!

      There is a tiny rug pad under it (it’s much smaller, about a 2×3, that we were using with the smaller rag rug we had before), but we’re definitely going to get a new, larger one. (And I <3 the faucet, too! haha)

  9. I bought the same rug on Wednesday. I too bought it becuase of the price for the size. I didn’t know where I wanted it, so we tried it in our basement bathroom, but Ben doesn’t like it. I guess it’s getting returned. Oh well. But, I do like it in your kitchen, once you have the new flooring. Right now, it does feel a little out of place.

    • Aww that’s sad that you are returning yours :( I think once we find curtain fabric the rug will tie in better, but the floor will definitely help, too!

  10. Just found your blog and loving this rug! It looks great, but a little out of place perhaps… Definitely needing something else to tie it all together. How about a Roman Blind in the same shade of brown that is in the rug? I personally love the Roman Blinds that come with a sheer layer too! :)

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