Tabling the Issue

by Cait

Ever since we swapped the living room around in August we had been wanting to get the Hemnes Sofa Table from Ikea to make this area like a little entryway of sorts.  Granted, this part of the house is technically the back, but we often use this door when we walk the dogs or take a bike ride.  At the moment the compartments in the table are pretty disorganized, but we plan to store magazines, books, and maybe a shoe basket for shoes that tend to only get worn in the yard.  Down the line we may add a Stall shoe cabinet from Ikea behind the door for those shoes and the leashes that are hanging right now.  I’d also really love to add this rug from World Market, but probably not until the wood floor we bought goes down (I would need to Scotch Guard the heck out of it, of course – thanks dogs).  For now the rug my mom gave me for my birthday last year is hanging out there (after moving all around the house)

This is what the rest of the living room is looking like these days.  We of course still need to work on our curtains for the windows and the back door.

Does anyone else have an entryway somewhere other than next to their front door?

16 Responses to “Tabling the Issue”

  1. In our own house we entered through the garage and our indoor laundry room turned into the mudroom/entry room where all our stuff went. This house, its just the front door. Our door leads into a den that we don’t have furniture for… so you basically walk into a big empty room. its odd!

    I love the rug you chose! so gorgeous!!!!!

  2. I’ve also thought about installing an Ikea shoe cabinet (, but I don’t know if I have enough room in my entryway-too long and narrow! If you decide to install yours let us know how it goes. I would love to see pictures! Fabulous rug btw…love it so!

    • We’ll definitely post pictures if we decide to install one (Robert likes the idea, so yay!) The shoe cabinets seem to be pretty slim, the one we’re looking at is only 6 3/4″ deep, thanks to it not having a “counter top” (for lack of a better term), so it should allow the door to open like normal. We’ll see!

  3. I’m going to have to share some photos of the cheapo runner carpets I threw down by my back sliding door. It’s dog territory, and I use it daily so I like it to be functional just like your space. All 3 rugs I see in those photos are super pretty, and I really love the poofy seat. Is it from CB2?


    • Thanks Emily! I’m looking forward to seeing those photos.

      And yes, the pouf is from CB2, it was on my wish list before Christmas and my in-laws bought it for me :)


  4. Ha HA!! That’s sick that I guessed right. I love it. There were some cute ones at Anthropologie too but they’re ALWAYS so expensive, it just boggles my mind.

    • I suddenly think it’s a good thing I haven’t seen the Anthro ones! Haha

      And it’s ok, I spot furniture in peoples’ photos, too. Like “hey, is that from…”

  5. Yup – in our kitchen! Which means that entryway/path is NOT getting wood floors with the rest of the house, because they’d be scratched to heck and back (thanks dogs). That entryway goes out to the backyard, where the dogs frolick and roam and bark and bask in the sun.

    • Haha yeah… I’m sure our floors will get scratched thanks to the dogs… Here’s hoping that they’ll work out about like the rest of the house where it’s scratched but you kind of can’t always tell? So excited to see your floors when you get them installed!

  6. Love that gray/white rug! And the absolutely adorable pup in the armchair :)

  7. Maybe an armoire where the mirror is would solve a lot of storage problems and it would be really interesting on that wall. Loads of storage for shoes, leashes, and even a coat or two but also be an impressive piece on that wall and anchor that side of the room. We use a small landing off our driveway door for most of our stuff. Nicer than using the front door! Thanks for linking up to the HOUSEography House Tour!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Melissa! I love the idea of an armoire, but we have this liquor cabinet on the other side of the room (it’s a big, 20×20 room with three “zones”) and I feel like it might look strange. I really like armoires though, so maybe we can make it work.

      You’re welcome, happy to be a part of it :)


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