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December 28, 2010

Curtain Call

by Cait

I stole the title from ReadyMade’s article (mentioned below) because after three posts in a row I am out of fabric/curtain titles…

After seeing the ridiculously expensive Anthro curtains I mentioned in a previous post, I noticed that I was drawn to blue and white/cream fabrics while shopping for curtain fabric at JoAnn.

I spotted the Waverly print on the right first, but it seemed a bit too busy and at $29.99 a yard it was way out of my price range.   The print on the left is by Home Essentials and was $9.99 a yard.  I really wish I had more information about it, because I wanted to buy a lot more of it, but when I Googled the information from the picture I took of the label nothing came up (it’s also not on the website, and it doesn’t have the name printed on the edge like some fabric.  Boo!)  My plan for the yard and a half that I did buy is similar to the project below that I saw in this month’s issue of ReadyMade.  This one uses an army blanket, embroidery thread, leather straps & snaps, but I think it will also be really cute with a print.

I bought a solid colored tan fabric to use for the curtains on the window.  Hopefully it won’t clash with the door curtain after we stencil it, and if it does I guess I’ll just call it eclectic.  After all, I do also have Urban Outfitters’ Woodside Block print curtains and a Pottery Barn Piccadilly rug in the same room…

Does anyone else mix this much color and print in a room?