Wood You?

by Cait

Robert and I have been wanting to put wood floors in the living room and guest room of our house since we bought it; one of the reasons we fell in love with our house was the floors (or maybe a combination of the floors and the sunlight from the front windows).  We agreed that the cost of what we wanted to put down was something we needed to save up for, especially since the carpet was in such good shape.  We hated the style of the carpet, and so we weren’t really upset when a friend accidentally spilled Cherry Pepsi, when I knocked over cranberry juice, etc.  Surprisingly, the carpet has faired pretty well over the past year, even with the dogs’ muddy paws when it rains, it is pretty much stain-free.  Because of this, we always kind of envisioned ripping the carpet up  sometime after our future children learn to crawl.

And then I signed up for ReStore emails and this happened:

Yeah, that’s floor like what is in the rest of our house, but for about fifty cents a square foot.  …so we bought a lot of it.  About 600 square feet for the two carpeted rooms, even though we don’t want to rip the carpet up until at least spring, because the price was just to good to pass up.

I think this means the fireplace facelift and water heater I mentioned on Facebook will probably be postponed, but that’s ok with me.

Does anyone else buy materials for projects they weren’t planning to tackle when they find a ridiculously good deal?

15 Responses to “Wood You?”

  1. Heck yes I do that! We’re looking at wood floors now too, though I am as anxious as all heck to get the carpet out. And you got a killer deal – woo hoo!

    • Ok good, glad we aren’t the only ones, Sara! I’m pretty anxious to get our carpet out, but then the thought of moving all the furniture to do it? Not so excited. It’s a catch-22, but the wood is going to look SO nice when it’s finished! Crossing my fingers for you find a great deal, too!

  2. Great find! I think you guys were very smart to do that. I always try to buy things when they’re a killer deal like that- even things like cotton balls at the grocery store haha. Stan makes fun of me because then we have this huge stockpile of cotton balls but hey! At least they weren’t full price.

    Anyway, back to your wood floors- you’re right- this was too good of a deal to pass up. I’m curious to see how the install on reclaimed floors goes.

    • Haha I definitely stock up on things like cotton balls when they’re in sale, too!

      Here’s hoping the install goes pretty easily, we’ll definitely blog about it! The guest room shouldn’t be too bad (aside from the steps going down). The living room floor probably needs to have half of it raised up about half an inch to an inch though. That addition was done in two parts and they made it almost level but not quite, so there is a lovely little ridge to trip over in the carpet…

  3. My goodness, that is a fabulous deal.

    When we used to live in a place that had a ton of storage space, we always stocked up. Not to be gross, but I don’t ever remember a time when we were ever out of Toilet Paper…until we moved to a small apartment. Same thing with canned goods and other non-perishables (I loved the case-lot sales that some of the grocery stores in Idaho would do).

    I would totally get it though – if you’ve got the plans for it, sometimes these deals just fall in your lap, and if you’ve got the money for it, it just helps out in the long run.

    • We went ahead and got enough to do the carpeted rooms, since we have access to a garage to store it in (not ours).

      We almost never run out of TP, paper towels & things like that because we usually buy it in bulk and store it in the laundry room, haha.

  4. Yep, if it derails other projects but is totally worth the good deal, I go for it. Especially if you can just store it until you’re ready to use it. Sweet deal, btw!

  5. That is awesome! So environmentally friendly as well :)

  6. Hell yes, I would do that! I bought a clearance rug at Crate and Barrel for my not-yet-complete den LAST Christmas! It’s been sitting in a bedroom all rolled up for a YEAR. Thankfully, it’s finally in it’s permanent home! You guys got a great deal!


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