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December 21, 2010

Wood You?

by Cait

Robert and I have been wanting to put wood floors in the living room and guest room of our house since we bought it; one of the reasons we fell in love with our house was the floors (or maybe a combination of the floors and the sunlight from the front windows).  We agreed that the cost of what we wanted to put down was something we needed to save up for, especially since the carpet was in such good shape.  We hated the style of the carpet, and so we weren’t really upset when a friend accidentally spilled Cherry Pepsi, when I knocked over cranberry juice, etc.  Surprisingly, the carpet has faired pretty well over the past year, even with the dogs’ muddy paws when it rains, it is pretty much stain-free.  Because of this, we always kind of envisioned ripping the carpet up  sometime after our future children learn to crawl.

And then I signed up for ReStore emails and this happened:

Yeah, that’s floor like what is in the rest of our house, but for about fifty cents a square foot.  …so we bought a lot of it.  About 600 square feet for the two carpeted rooms, even though we don’t want to rip the carpet up until at least spring, because the price was just to good to pass up.

I think this means the fireplace facelift and water heater I mentioned on Facebook will probably be postponed, but that’s ok with me.

Does anyone else buy materials for projects they weren’t planning to tackle when they find a ridiculously good deal?