Dodged that Bullet!

by Cait

I think I may be falling in love with graphic print curtains.  I blame the guest bedroom  (and the ones I mentioned on our Christmas wish list post).

My newest love?

These Geo Leaf print curtains from West Elm.  Now, explaining the title of the post, the length we would have needed was $19.99 a panel, which made my love for them even more dangerous.  The saving grace was the fact that they sold out in the length, and our windows that I was considering them for are 105 inches wide and these panels are only 48 inches.  Phew!

Has anyone else ever been relieved when something goes out of stock?

Now, please, don’t anyone suggest similar curtains, my wallet may not be able to take it!

9 Responses to “Dodged that Bullet!”

  1. ahahahaha I have that feeling of retail relief all the time! But sometimes, just sometimes, i have a mini flip out that an item in my cart vanished. Especially when it’s a 7 dollar scarf. boo


    ps: those curtains were pretty darn cute.. eep!

    • Aww! Poor $7 scarf!

      I have a mini flip out too, but at least this time I saw it was out of stock after I measured and knew they wouldn’t work. Phew!


      ps- I know! I’m relieved they wouldn’t have worked, but sad at the same time, because I don’t see the Ikea pair I was considering either! Oh well…

  2. I have had that feeling! I was out of town for Black Friday, but my friend called me at 5am (3am back home!) to see if I wanted her to pick me up a TV. I didn’t answer because helloooooo it was 5am, and I was sad that I missed out but secretly kinda glad that I didn’t spend the dough. However, that whole story is null because a couple weeks later, I saw an even better TV for even less (and without standing in the cold at 3am) and still ended up dropping quite a bit of money. Ah, well.

  3. But what of those gorgeous Urban Outfitter curtains? They’re so beautiful…=)

    I’m like that with shopping. I hate impulse shopping so I wait about a month, and if it’s shoes or something by that time they won’t have my size anymore. But if they do, and if I still want them, then it’s a match made in heaven. Minus some pocket money.

    • I may or may not have used RetailMeNot codes for one set an not posted pictures yet. Here’s hoping the other set falls down the chimney from Santa? Haha

      I try to do that with clothes, too. Unless they’re already on sale, then sometimes they jump onto the checkout counter. Funny how that happens ;)

  4. I totally hear ya on this one. I’ve been relieved before, can’t buy it if they don’t have it!


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