Decking the Halls, a Little at a Time

by Cait

Does anyone else decorate in waves?  While we don’t usually do a holiday decor-a-thon anyway, but this year we are slow to get out holiday mojo going, so we decorated a little at a time.

We started with the wreath on the front door, and after a little while of coming home to see that cheery sight we moved on the the mantle, which is really just an expanded version of what I did for fall (and failed to take a picture of) with more mercury glass.

We bought some outside lights on sale and put those up next, and then we moved on to a small project my parents and I have been doing for years.

We used to use Gold Seal Glass Wax, but since it was discontinued and you can only get that on Vermont Country Store’s website now, we used Gel-Gloss from a local hardware store and our own set of stencils my mom got from Amazon.

What about you guys?  Anyone slow to deck the halls this year?  And did anyone else use glass wax for holiday stencils?

4 Comments to “Decking the Halls, a Little at a Time”

  1. Your wreath is gorgeous! I love the pinecones and berries together =)

  2. Stenciled window frost flakes?! Genius! I’m such a slacker about doing Holiday decorations; I’m trying to stash away some ideas for next year. Adding this one to the list!

    • Glad you like it, Leslie! Window stencils like this were popular in the 50s, and my family just kept doing snowflakes. If you can’t find glass wax or gel-gloss you could probably use window paint (like people use on cars), too!

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