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December 7, 2010

All We Want for Christmas

by Cait

It seems like everyone is making a wish list this time of year; whether it’s in a blog post, on your sidebar, or for emailing to family.  We’re pretty adept at making wish lists, too.  I made a one for Black Friday of what’d we’d buy if cost weren’t a factor, I made one about the DIY projects we hope to tackle in the future, and I even made one in September about what Santa could bring me (two of the four things have already been aquired, though).  We also have a running wish list on the side bar of our blog with links to things we would love to have in our hot little hands.

But truthfully?  We don’t want much for Christmas!  I think we’re hard to shop for because we’re “save for what we want” kind of people, and since most of what we want is house or tool related, it’s expensive!  Asking Robert what he wants always results in him answering “I don’t know”, “Nothing” or “Socks”, so I took the liberty of making a wish list for each of us (just in case Santa and his elves are stumped).  They’re labeled “his and hers” because I thought Santa might feel weird giving Robert curtains, but truthfully we both like all of the things listed.

Robert is probably up there with the World’s Hardest People to Buy Presents For, when asked he always says he wants socks, because he wears them out quickly.

1 We love gift cards!  They aren’t the most exciting to give, since a lot of people enjoy actaully shopping for or wrapping presents, but it takes us a while to save up for big ticket items and it’s always nice when we have a gift card to put towards those purchases.  Some of Robert’s favorite places to receive gift cards from are Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, Ikea, Target and iTunes.
2 Since we don’t actually need anything for Christmas, we both thought it would be nice for friends/family to simply make a donation to charity.  Some of our favorites are the Humane Society (where we got both our dogs) and Habitat for Humanity (where we met, and a great place to learn DIY skills).
3 The only things Robert has recently mentioned wanting recently involved the CJ-7, a lot of which are fairly big-ticket items (like a winch, if I remember correctly the one he wants is around $800-1000), but he also wants new tail lights (they’re cracked). I’ve been told a gift card to JC Whitney would be a good option, if Santa wants to help with the Jeep.
4 I know that Robert wants a framing nail gun “to complete our collection” (we have a brad nailer and a stapler), but he likes Bostitch and Dewalt, which can get expensive.

1 As I mentioned above, we don’t actually need anything for Christmas, and both thought it would be nice for friends/family to make a donation to someone who does.
2 Again, we love gift cards!  Some of my favorite places to receive gift cards from are Target, Ikea, Pottery Barn/West Elm, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and iTunes.
3 I love, love, love these curtains from Urban Outfitters, but they’re online only for $38 per panel and the art room would need three panels.  Maybe Santa and his elves can work some magic. (Do you think that Santa uses RetailMeNot and can try stacking coupons?)
4 These salt and peper shakers from Pottery Barn would go nicely with our wedding china without being too matchy-matchy, and they’re great for everyday use, too.  They also currently have free shipping.
5 This pouf wants to live in our living room (it thinks it would look nice with the Ikea Chair we want in Figur Beige).

Some other things I’m thinking are awesome?  This sconce from West Elm and this wall-hung votive holder from West Elm.

What are you hoping for this Christmas?  Have you made a wish list?