It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like … Mercury Glass?

by Cait

Hi, my name is Cait and I am a mercury-glass-aholic.  I think it started when I was looking at Pottery Barn decorations back in September.

From Pottery Barn, no longer available

Thankfully my mom remembered that I wanted large ornaments for our porch and my paternal grandmother (who is probably part of the reason I have a love of all things crafty and DIY) was cleaning out her closest, so I now have some similarly sized ornaments of my own, one of which is already silvery and two others that can be painted to look like mercury glass.  I’m glad I didn’t cave and buy some of these while they were still available, especially because our petite porch may have been overwhelmed by the slightly larger PB ones.  Also, I recently I saw some similar but not quite as large ornaments at HomeGoods for $3.99 and I’m equally smitten with them (and their lower price!), so I may snatch some up for other areas of the house.

On left from Pottery Barn, right from West Elm

Shortly after I saw PB’s oversized ornaments I saw these mercury glass votive holders (on left), which I LOVE.  They’re a bit pricier than the West Elm version (bottom right of right-hand picture), but I have visions of one of the smaller PB ones with two of the West Elm ones.  Sadly I can’t find the WE ones on the website anymore, so hopefully I can run to West Elm and snag some before they’re gone, because $5 each is about what I’m willing to pay for them and they’re super cute.

As for what I currently own?  I bought a mecury glass hurricane from HomeGoods in the fall, and yesterday I stopped in to look at Christmas decorations and left with a mercury glass Christmas tree.  I’m telling you, it’s a sickness!

Has anyone else been bitten by the mercury glass bug?  What else are you currently loving decor-wise?

6 Comments to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like … Mercury Glass?”

  1. I love them all, but I have a little tree bug and I love that mercury glass one! I’d like to do an arrangement of a few made out of different materials. Maybe my mantel will be rocking a tree village ;)

    I did get some silvery candle holders, but I’m pretty sure they’re plastic!

    • My HomeGoods had a lot of the mercury glass trees, they had some in light blue & white and in a few sizes, too (mine is about 18″ tall). Maybe yours has them, too!

      An arrangement of trees from different materials sounds fun! I like these twig trees at West Elm and I feel like they could be easily made for much less.

  2. I flipping love it… but I don’t own a single mercerized (so not a word!) item. I can tell you that target has chic little mercury glass votive holders for 99 cents. and if they even last til after Christmas… and drop to like 50 cents, i might have to break down and buy a zillion =) But they don’t match my stinkin rental so go buy them and enjoy them for me! =) haha


    • Thanks Jen! A sales guy at West Elm told me that Target had some, but now I’ve been to two Targets and I haven’t found any! Life is sad!

      I bet they’d look good in your house! Maybe you should buy half a zillion while they’re still at your Target ;)


  3. I LOVE MERCURY GLASS! No, I wasn’t shouting at you, just excited. :) I have 6 or 8 of the Target mercury glass tealight holders. I also bought a pillar holder from Pier 1. I got another taper holder on clearance at Target last Christmas. You can see a lot of the items on our entertainment center in this post:

    • Haha I figured you were just excited :) I got a pillar holder from Target, but I haven’t seen any of the mercury glass tealight holders at the Targets near us and it’s making me a little sad. Love your holiday decorating :)

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