by Cait

Look what is now festively adorning our yard this holiday season!

Astute readers will notice that is not our yard, but rather a parking lot.
Also, apologies for the iPhone photo

That’s right, slap an evergreen garland on that baby and call her a Christmas decoration because after quite a while in the shop for rear end work, the CJ-7 finally made her way home!  On the back of a flatbed.  Not to worry though, after some Googling Robert is relatively certain the  issue is with a bushing in the transmission, which will cost about $2.  Sweet!

All of this makes the redneck part of me very happy.

I was only kidding about the garland. Maybe.

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13 Comments to “Homecoming”

    • I know!!! We’re very excited! (We did give the guy who was working on it some grief for getting it done RIGHT when it started getting cold. Although in all fairness he gave us a great price by doing it on the side!)

  1. I wanted a CJ-7 so badly when I was in high school. It seemed like the coolest alternative to a real Jeep instead of getting a Suzuki or a lame Geo Tracker.


    Guess which one I ended up with? Yeah….the Tracker. At least it was a soft-top! Congrats on the find!

    • Thanks Brandt! It’s very much of a “project” if you know what I mean, it was previously owned by someone who beat the dickens out of it in the mud. Rumor has it there were two head-sized divets in the windshield when the person we bought it from got it. On the plus side, most of the mechanics are new now!

      That’s too bad about the Tracker vs a CJ, but you’re right, at least it was a soft top! We recently watched Top Gear’s Bolivia Special which involved a Suzuki, it was hysterical!

  2. Um, I totally see a garland and a string of lights adorning that baby!

  3. LOVE THE CJ-7!! Since college (2001), my wife and I have had an old Jeep Wrangler which now has an undetermined amount of miles on it (odometer broken). I’ve always loved the CJ body style more though. We take the top off of it in April and don’t put it back on until October. :)

    • Thanks Joey! We’re so excited!

      The broken odometer sounds familiar, ours has several broken gauges (fuel, oil pressure, temp…). I think the CJ-7 is Robert’s favorite body style too, unless I am remembering that wrong. I think we’ll probably leave the top (and doors) off most of the year, thanks to the (usually) warm Florida weather.

  4. Yep, yep, yep. Fuel gauges, oil pressure, clock…all non-functional. Fortunately though, the RPMs and spedometer at least work. Ah, such is the life of a Jeep owner! BTW, do you get the “Jeep owner” wave, when passing another Wrangler/CJ-7? I was amazed at the phenomenon when we first got ours. “Oh, ok, so we all wave to when we see each other on the road..ok!” :)

    Ha, and now I’ve officially turned your life/home/style blog into a grease monkey blog. Apologies!

    • Yeah, sounds about right… ours doesn’t have a clock, though someone put a radio in… that doesn’t work… haha. I think we do get the “jeep owner” wave, since Robert just got it running/shifting again I’ve only been out a few times, but I definitely know you what’re referring to. :)

      It’s ok, I think that I opened our blog up to more of a “what’s going on at our house” type of blog with posts like this :)

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