A Black Friday Wish List

by Cait

In the spirit of crazy holiday shopping fantastic sales, this is a wish list of things I’d snatch up in an instant if a) I fell into a giant pile of money, b) I wasn’t working today and c) they were deeply discounted for Black Friday sales.   Especially since Robert’s aunt very thoughtfully scored these boots for me.

So, moving on from fashion, I wouldn’t be at all crushed if a new fridge manifested itself into my kitchen for the low, low price of $19.95. (Hey, this is my daydream, ok? Let’s keep reality out of it!)

And while we’re dreaming, let’s throw in one of these for, say, $5.

And since this is a completely ficticious, let’s say Steve Jobs is my BFF and he decided to overcome production difficulties and buy my affection with one of these.

What’s on your Black Friday wish list?

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5 Responses to “A Black Friday Wish List”

  1. a jacket and a blazer. I found the PERFECT lined military blazer from ann taylor… and ordered the wrong size!!! and now it’s completely 100% sold out. *tear* i considered wearing it but its literally 3 sizes too big and is a little large on my husband even… haha!

    • That’s such a bummer! My boots were almost a goner as they only had a size 6 left online and then Robert’s aunt offered to pick them up for me. Here’s hoping something works out with your blazer!


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