Panel Judges

by Cait

Does anyone have Urban Outfitters curtains?  Robert and I are considering new curtains for the art room and the library because sometimes our blue and white Alvine Trad curtains from Ikea look a little too “granny”.

Woodland Garden Curtains from Urban Outfitters

Woodside Block Print Curtain from Urban Outfitters

If price weren’t an option I’d buy these in a heartbeat (the first one, although it would have to be shortened, for the art room and the second for the library).  The problem is that they are sold as single panels and we’d need three panels in the art room and five panels in the library.

I’ve also looked for curtains at Ikea, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Crate&Barrel, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Linens ‘n Things but nothing has really jumped out at me.  I’d love some opinions on UO curtains.

9 Responses to “Panel Judges”


    sign up for alerts and stalk those sales! I got my UO bookcase for 20% off with free shipping. Plus markdowns are always in their future

    They’re FABULOUS btw, I’ve been gawking at the Woodland curtains for months now!

  2. Those first curtains are gorgeous…great for an art room!! I always forget to check urban outfitters, I’m going to have to start trolling there more often!

    • Thanks Rebecca! I’ve been lusting after the first set since I saw them used in a “Making it Yours” on Making it Lovely, and I’m glad Robert didn’t think they were too girly!

  3. Just saw you from YHL and thought I’d check out your blog. Love the design/layout and that gray/yellow scheme guest bedroom of yours is very cute. I looove the color palatte!

  4. another option for curtains are bedsheets and tablecloths…I made curtains from Marimekko tablecloths I got on clearance after the holiday season. You can hem them or use hem tape if you’re not so inclined.

    • Thanks Carole! I’ll definitely keep that option in mind. I made the curtain for the guest room with fabric from Ikea, but I haven’t found any fabric that jumps out at me yet for the library and art room.


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