Mid-week Slump

by Cait

In lieu of the real blog post (because the pictures are on a different computer), I am putting together a to do list section (mainly for myself) of projects that need to be tackled, and a question about the hutch for readers.  I’m thinking about moving the hutch back into the dining room space because I feel like it’s a little weird walking in the front door and seeing our china.  And also, when I walk past the hutch in this location it makes a nerve wracking nosie because the floor is off grade (I admit that I probably just need to get used to that noise, since the house is off grade).

Dining Room with HutchThinking about moving the hutch back over here. Thoughts?

In other news, I’m having one of those weeks where I sit down to write a blog post and end up paying Robert’s campus parking ticket and figuring out what classes he needs to take in spring instead.  It is almost at the point where we can stop saying he has two years of school left and start saying a year and a half (after what feels like years of  saying “two years left” this seems like a major accomplishment.  And in my mind’s eye when Robert graduates his dad will have a scotch and an air horn.)  I’m also having a week where I’m trying not to panic that I haven’t heard anything back about the exciting guest room news.  Sigh.  Maybe I jinxed it with my post?

5 Responses to “Mid-week Slump”

  1. I feel like school is one of those things that seems like it takes FOREVER while you’re in it and then, once done, seems like it went SO FAST! at least for me it seemed that way!

    No slump-ing missy – take some time to do something for you =)


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Jenn!

      I think that school has been going a lot better for Robert recently, the semesters almost seem to be flying by now (but then I’m not the one taking tests and writing papers!) I’m so impressed that he has been able to work full-time and keep on top of schoolwork, and I feel like we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      Is it weird that creating a to do list almost feels like doing something for me? I’m hoping to start crossing those tasks off quickly, but of course things like that always take time. I think we’re going to get the other sconce up tonight, so that will be nice to see first thing in the mornings! (They’re across from our bed.)


  2. I really liked the hutch where it is now. I think the china sounds are kind of endearing (but maybe that’s because my folks have the same noise at their house :D).

    • Thanks Lisa! I think I was having an insecure moment with the idea of people walking into our china&dining room or something. Haha, sometimes I like the china sounds, but sometimes it makes me feel like it’s going to all come cascading off the shelf. Possibly November is my new September (in terms of months that I hate because I generally feel like everything is going wrong).


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