Getting Our Ducks In a Row

by Cait

I mentioned earlier (and some of you may have seen already) that I’ve been gettng a to do list section together so that anyone who has been wondering what projects we’re planning to take one can click over and see them broken down.  I’m likely to revamp the way it’s categorized later, but it’s based on when things are likely to get done.

2 Comments to “Getting Our Ducks In a Row”

  1. Great idea! Even if not for the readers, I want one for myself! It would be so long that I’d probably lose everyone’s attention by #28.

    • Thanks Rebecca :) I think I have seen other blogs with to do lists, so the idea was not entirely my own. Also, I figured that putting it as a tab is a little less in-your-face (or something), so if people get bored with our long list, oh well! ;)

      I’m sure I have forgotten things that need to be on the list, so ours will be growing over time, haha.

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