That’s Scantastic!

by Cait

Please excuse the title of the post, I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

We break from our irregularly scheduled decor posts to bring you this scanner review.

What’s wrong with this picture?

I have had this HP all-in-one printer since I went off to college five years ago, and today Robert was printing homework for class and accidentally knocked it off the dresser in the guest room (where it has been living recently since we got our new scanner and Robert’s aunt sometimes needs a printer while she’s in town).  Notice how there is no glass in the scanner bed (and the top is taken off, because we wanted to see if we could replace it).  Oh wait,  nevermind, there is some glass left,  See?

The crazy part?  After having the broken glass cleaned out it still prints and scans just fine!  After falling off a dresser onto Robert’s foot!  So if anyone is in the market for a cheap HP all-in-one that can fall off a dresser and survive (ish), the PSC 1400 is for you!  Or probably the newer models that will print directly from your iPhone are just as robust.


2 Comments to “That’s Scantastic!”

  1. hahah awww poor Robert! Hope his foot is okay!

    I think I have that same scanner! Though my husband hides it in a closet and uses his own scanner instead. jerk =)


    • Thankfully he’s fine, I think he may have gotten a few minor cuts. And now he wants to find replacement glass for it so it can still be used as a backup, haha.

      It’s such a handy little printer/scanner! I love the copy feature it has, too. Especially since it can be used without being directly hooked to a computer. We mainly bought our new scanner because it had higher resolution, a larger scanner bed and was only $60 on Amazon (plus we’re getting a larger format photo printer that isn’t an all-in-one for the art room).


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