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November 4, 2010

Living Outdoors

by Cait

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I want to do with out backyard.  Yes, the backyard, not the front yard that all the neighbors see, that would make far too much sense.  I introduced this topic on the blog a while back with our DIY Wish List, and have pretty much been dreaming about and sketching the perfect way to layout our petite backyard ever since.  I’ll try to scan the sketches Robert and I came up with tonight, but I thought I’d share a few of the photos that have been inspiring us to plan our backyard.

From Tighe Architechture (Ocean Front Walk project), seen on The Brick House

It’s easy to fall in love with the lighting and the view in this photo (our backyard certainly doesn’t have one of those two things), but I’m also in love with those walls/planters.  I think something like that would pair well with the other elements I want for our yard, like a flagstone patio and a taller slat fence around one back corner of the yard.  I love the look of the overhang, too, but I would want ours a little more rustic, like the one on the left below.

Patio photo from The Brick House and Ikea chairs seen on Making it Lovely

I love this photo (above right) of the Ikea Ammero chair that I saw on Making it Lovely.  I’m a sucker for sunset lighting, but I think something like this would be perfect for the patio I’m dreaming about.  Or maybe two of the lounge chair version with a small table (or a garden stool like we have on our front porch) in between.

From At Home magazine, seen on The Newlywed’s Paradise

I have wanted to incorporate a glass garage door into our house ever since I got the idea from my mom (I told you she was full of great ideas!) and so ever since I saw this I have been dreaming of a way to include one in our future sunroom.

What have y’all been dreaming about for your backyard?  Or for your house in general?  I’d love to see photos or links if you have them.