A To Do List of Sorts

by Cait

I warn you, I am about to say something shocking.  So please, sit down, cover the kiddies’ eyes & ears and brace yourselves.  I’ll wait.

LibraryTo help with the shock, please enjoy this photo of our library.
You can picture yourself seated in that chair, I know I am.

I may have Saturday off this weekend.

For those of you unfamiliar with R and my lives away from the blog (ie- you aren’t my mother, my mother-in-law, or one of our friends), I work for a company that gets very busy this time of year, which usually results in massive amounts of overtime.  I like overtime pay, I do not like having no time to see my husband, family, friends, dogs, house, etc.  But as my parents always say, it’s time or money.  I am impatient, I like time and money, but we can’t always have our cake and eat it, too.  Mmm cake.

Ok, I am done with the cliches for now and am moving on to this fascinating list of things I hope to accomplish this weekend.

A Weekend Wishlist:

  • Bike rides
  • Time with friends and family
  • Take time to do non-blog things
  • Take time to do non-blog things (it’s important, so it gets two bullets)
  • Finish floorplan of house for blog
  • Get the second Tarnby rug under the guest bed
  • Take better blog pictures
  • Work on pallet project
  • Get plexiglass cut
  • Hang porch fan
  • Plan porch light

You will notice that I have given bike rides top billing.  Around here we are incredibly focused on being healthy.  Oh wait, perhaps I have confused our lives with that of my marathon running sister.  Again. (Hi sis, if you even read this!)  Robert and I semi-recently bought bicycles, and the weather is just about perfect for riding right now.  In our neighborhood/part of town bikes come in quite handy for things like going to see my parents who live a few blocks away, visiting my best friend who lives on the other side of the neighborhood, going to Publix, and (if we’re feeling especially motivated/daring) biking to get bagels, pizza, or any other not-so-healthy food that strikes our fancy in Trendy Local Neighborhood.

I have tried to make it so that this list is fairly evenly split between blog type tasks and relaxing weekend type tasks (“Take time to do non-blog things” should really be more than two bullets, because our weekends tend to be spontaneous).  There may or may not also be some cleaning of our house that is messier than I like to admit.  And relax, you can count on me to post an equally thrilling list of what was and wasn’t accomplished next week.  I know you were worried.

Happy Friday, y’all!  Hope the remainder of your weekend is free of run-on sentences, cross outs, reposts of old house pictures and sarcasm!  (Unless you enjoy these things as much as I obviously do, in which case… Party on, Wayne!)


2 Comments to “A To Do List of Sorts”

  1. LOL. I actually do pop on here once in a while, usually when I need a 2-minute mental break from lecture. (At the moment, I’m supposed to be listening to how bacteria cross the blood-brain barrier. So far, the take-home message is ‘don’t let it happen’.) Anyway, thanks for the mention. :) P.S. — the guest room looks great. :)

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