Question for Readers: Ceiling Fan vs Light

by Cait

Our guest room is nearly done, but one of the things that still bugs me about it is the ceiling fan.

guest roomDon’t worry, this is just a placeholder that shows the fan.

I don’t think we can take it down because this room doesn’t get fantastic (you caught that, right?) airflow, being an addition and all (and we live in Florida).  I’m hoping the perfect ceiling fan will magically appear at Lowe’s, and be on sale, but I think that is kind of unlikely.  Maybe we should do something like what YHL did here?  Although, after the way we redid the lighting in the room the ceiling fan light isn’t really necessary.  Maybe we could get a simple (not hideous) fan without a light?  (They have to make those, right?)  Or should we just get a retro looking table fan and find/make a sweet ceiling light fixture?  Maybe the Fado pendant from Ikea?

Matthews Fan Co, image seen on Urban Grace Interiors

Fans like this are completely awesome, and completely out of our price range.  Also I doubt it’s the best option for the style of our room.  Something rustic yet modern would be perfect.  Now where do I find soemthing like that, or what do I make it out of?

14 Comments to “Question for Readers: Ceiling Fan vs Light”

  1. We do not have a/c, besides window units. So, ceiling fans are a must in our home. But why do the ones in my price range have to be so darn ugly?!?!

    • I ask myself the same question! There has got to be a better solution out there somewhere. The fan in our living room (that was already there when we bought the house) is the WORST! The lights on it are too low, so anyone tall has to duck under it. Sigh.

  2. Keep the ceiling fan, no matter how hideous. If you don’t, you might as well call your “guest room” the “torture chamber.” :)

    • Haha! Well we definitely don’t want to torture our guests. It gets air flow, but if the door is closed it gets pretty warm, which is why I was hoping we could get away with a table fan. Sigh. Hopefully we can find something of the not-hideous variety.

  3. Personally, I prefer an oscillating desk fan to a ceiling fan in a small room if you have to have one or the other. A ceiling fan makes everything go everywhere in such a small space, whereas you can control a desk fan’s oscillation and area of coverage. Plus, you can focus a desk fan should your guest prefer to have a direct breeze at night.
    However, I’ve always been a believer in MORE WIND in my room, so the combination of a desk and ceiling fan would be ideal. What about painting the fan with a neat new color, pattern, or image that makes it both unique and a cost-effective decor choice? You can also get new glass bulb-cover things (not sure of the proper term…) in addition to that.
    P.s. You can always add a dab of glow-in-the-dark paint to the end of two opposing fan blades just to freak your guests out when darkness falls. :B

  4. P.p.s. Perhaps you could repeat the flower motif of the pillow on the fanblades to help bring the room together and make it look the the fan was just made for the room!

  5. A lot of the things in our house travel :) That pillow in the wing chair likes to nap on the bed our room a lot.

  6. Our bedroom has a cheap, $40 fan we got at Home Depot. One of my “to-dos” on the neverending list is to spray the whole thing (even the metal parts and the rod) a crisp, glossy white. While white can be a bit predictable, it would definitely go with our space. I know some people think they are just ugly, but sometimes, it’s a necessity! I saw a gorgeous spray painted fan on Apartment Therapy that was cherry red, and it became my inspiration ever since!

    • I totally understand the neverending list of things to do! I think ceiling fans done right can look good, and are a necessity sometimes (like in FL), but at the moment our guest room’s fan is an old white and brass fan on a ceiling that someone decided to texture with something that sort of looks like globs of used chewing gum instead of mudded texture or popcorn… that ceiling is definitely on our list, haha.

  7. I avoid overhead lighting whenever I can! In our living room, we used this super-affordable ceiling fan:

    and put up a few of these wall sconces:|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_25%2B50_4294857043%2B5003698_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr%7C0%7C%7Cp_product_quantity_sold%7C1

    All very easy DIY installation. :)

    • Thanks Leslie! We actually put up a wall sconce already, so now we just need to know whether or not a table fan is good enough for air movement. A simple non-lighted fan could work, too.

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