Think Good Thoughts

by Cait

First of all I want to say that I wouldn’t include the following frivolous (and not completely finished) post today except that it was already written and I don’t have any other pictures to post today. 

And secondly, please think good thoughts for my husband’s grandmother today (and if you are the praying type, which we aren’t as we aren’t religious, please include her in your prayers) as she was hospitalized last night with symptom’s of a possible stroke.  When we left last night at midnight she had improved enough to talk with us, tell stories, and laugh at Robert’s translation of what the nurse was saying, but they were not ruling out a stroke until she has further tests this morning.


Anyone who follows us on Facebook knows that I was concerned that UPS would deliver to the wrong address again (find our why that is a concern here) yesterday, but thankfully I arrived home from work to find a box on our porch.

Please excuse the dirty porch, I literally opened the box with my keys and started taking pictures.

My husband (who has a propensity for turning his ankle) may hurt himself on our new doormat until it starts laying flat.

And though these are not quite the color I was expecting (since I hadn’t seen them in person because our World Market didn’t have them) I love the knobs for the liquor cabinet.

5 Responses to “Think Good Thoughts”

  1. Love the doormat! Where did you get it?


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