Liquored Up

by Cait

Ok, so contrary to what the title would lead you to believe we didn’t spend the day getting sloshed, we spend the day watching football and painting the liquor cabinet.  We last left off with the liquor cabinet with a DIY Fail at papering part of the inside, after picking a paint color for the inside.

So this time we started by putting down contractor paper, taking off the old “door knocker” hardware and spackling the screw holes with a tube of nail hole patch.

One football game later this is what we have.  We still have to paper the inside, do a little touch up, and get new knobs for it.  I want to get these knobs.

From World Market.

Is anyone else mildly obsessed with yellow and grey right now?

8 Comments to “Liquored Up”

  1. Ohh Beautiful!
    I just bought an old buffet table off Craigslist with the exact same glass. Still haven’t decided how I want to redo it….

    • Thanks Shellie! I’m just waiting for the knobs to come from World Market now, since we had to order them online after our local one didn’t have them. I’d love to see pictures of your buffet after you redo it!

  2. Yellow and gray has been one of my favorite combos for as long as I can remember! I guess that explains our gray hallways and all the yellow frames….

    Your cabinet is lookin’ good! Those knobs will really set it off.

  3. I’m so obsessed with gray and yellow right now! They are my two favorite colors when they are together. I just re-did our bedroom in gray and yellow; you can see it here:
    Love you house by the way!

  4. nice–love the knobs, too!

    I am crushing on dark grey/orange combo lately!

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