Attack of the Billion Projects!

by Cait

Ok, so we don’t actually have a billion projects going on, but I may have been a little ambitious in thinking that we could tackle both the chair and the liquor cabinet after work last night.  Especially since we’ve both been working 10+ hour days and coming home dead tired.  We did at least the chair is mostly finished and ready for its upcoming debut in the guest bedroom, even after wandering around Lowe’s having to go to Lowe’s for more paint.  We picked the darkest yellow on the swatch with Valspar Spun Honey (the room color), but because I am an excellent blogger, I forgot the name of it.  Something about sunsets.  (Quick, use your super powers and read the name on the sample can below!) 

Behold, our messy porch!  Why yes, that is gravel that some former homeowner thought was a good idea.

And now that you know that our porch is kind of a hot mess (and you haven’t even seen the mismatching and obviously not laid at the same time tiles on the floor, or the half-assed attempt at walls by the former owner!) I can leave you with this picture, which shows that for our next trick we have these lovely things sitting in our yard until we start sanding them down into end tables.  Hooray free stumps!

I’ll be back tomorrow (same bat time, same bat channel) with either the liquor cabinet progress, or more details on that lovely stack of pallets in our backyard that I showed in the last post (because that’s how we roll, stacks of unattractive things in the yard). Unless I collapse from the exhaustion of trying to juggle work, projects, and the most important task of all: taking gelato to my best friend who just had a baby.


5 Responses to “Attack of the Billion Projects!”

  1. Pretty color of yellow, but I am disappointed that you didn’t sand and varnish. The original wood looked like it was of a really nice quality and grain.

    • I liked the original wood too, but it since it was water damaged and seperating in a couple of places I decided to go with the pop of color this time. I might strip it down and varnish it for use in a future room, though.

  2. It’s a nice creamy yellow, I really like it!


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