Nothing (Much) to See Here

by Cait

Just a quick post to say that nothing was done in the way of the shoe cabinet or the liquor cabinet last night because we welcomed the arrival of my best friend’s son, Carter, as those who follows us on Facebook might have seen.  He’s a handsome, happy, healthy baby at 6lb 11.5oz and 19.5 in long, and I probably most certainly held him for far longer than any one person really should (but I did let the grandmothers hold him first!).  Also, his feisty, redheaded mom has already taught him to stick his tongue out, which he did immediately upon meeting me, and I wholeheartedly approve!

In other news, tonight Robert and I plan to give the first time parent’s and baby some alone time finish working on this chair (which may make an appearance in our upcoming guest room reveal), and tackle part of the liquor cabinet.  And some time next month Hernando House will be guest blogging, so check back for those details soon.

Curbside Chair

3 Responses to “Nothing (Much) to See Here”

  1. I have a similar office chair on casters! Can’t wait to see what you have done with this!

    • Thanks, Danielle! We should be back with pictures of the finished chair tonight or tomorrow, and we’ll reveal it in the room sometime next month. Thanks so much for checking out the blog!


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