Shoes Required: Part 2

by Cait

When I left off last time (see Part 1 here) I had picked a paint color, hardware and paper for the top of the shoe cabinet.  Over the weekend I took some Valspar Seaside Villa paint to it.  I skipped the primer step because with the age of the piece I wanted the more of the antique and little less “crisp”.  This isn’t the technique I’d use for everything but, for the most part, if you aren’t dead set on things being perfect (and nothing in our house is, it’s more well-loved and broken in) it works just fine, especially if you just use high quality paint.  If we were painting a crisp, new piece I’d prime and then either roll or use a paint sprayer to spray it.

It still needs some work but it’s getting there.

Oh and also, we have this currently sitting in our backyard.  I’ll give a cookie to whoever knows what we’re planning to do with these (and no, Emiley, it doesn’t count that we told you!)

Does anyone else have multiple projects going on at once like we do?

7 Responses to “Shoes Required: Part 2”

  1. O! I want that cookie, but I can’t figure out what you have planned for the plaites!

  2. Haha truthfully Danielle, I want a cookie, too! We should have some progress to post about on the pallet project soon!

  3. Years ago, two poor college kids bought their first home. We snagged about 15 pallets, busted them apart, and used the slats to make a wet bar in the stone block basement. You are sitting on some good stuff!

  4. Maybe a workbench or a table and chairs as featured in the last few issues of ReadyMade? I’m jealous of your back yard regardless!

    • Dave- Ooh a wet bar sounds awesome! I wonder if I can convince the hubs that we need one on the porch? Shouldn’t take TOO much convincing…

      Scott- I loved the pallet-crafting going on in ReadyMade, but Robert stole my would-be crafting table for a workbench after I found my current desk at Ikea and we have too many tables in the house already! :(

      We’ll definitely keep you guys posted (no pun intended) on the pallet crafting going on. We have a couple of things planned, one of which we are borrowing from another blogger.

    • Also, I love our backyard, but we haven’t done much with it besides getting a new shed. Mostly it’s just got potential, but as Dr Phil (who I actually can’t stand) says that just means “ain’t done it yet”…


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