To Paint, or Not to Paint?

by Cait

We all know that painted wood is a trend right now, but there are certain pieces of furniture in our house that I would never think of taking a paint brush to.

Like my grandmother’s dresser,

my great-grandmother’s cedar chest,

and my grandparents’ tv console.

There are also other pieces that I can’t help but consider painting.

Our liquor cabinet.

While mismatched wood doesn’t usually bother me,  I’ve been thinking that our liquor cabinet would look nice in grey.  Maybe the same grey as the hutch. What are your thoughts? Should I leave it as-in or paint it?

Edit: Ok, the verdict is that parts of the liquor cabinet are real wood, and parts are particle board. Does that change anyone’s opinion?

12 Responses to “To Paint, or Not to Paint?”

  1. I would definitely paint the liquor cabinet! What a fun piece–I’d probably go for off-white, but I’d be curious to see how grey would work…that’s the beauty of paint–if you don’t like it, you can always try a different color!

    Your grandmother’s dresser is absolutely beautiful, by the way, I’m glad that’s not what you’re painting!

  2. I’m curious to see what will make the yellow glass “pop” the best – grey or white, but you’re so right, if Robert and I hate it one way I can always paint it again!

    I’m totally in love with that dresser! haha We were so fortunate to more of less get our pick of furniture from my grandparents’ house

    Thanks for checking out the blog, Carole!

  3. After launching myself into undoing an apartment that probably seemed a great idea 30 years ago – I vote don’t paint! Normal furniture, sure, but antiques with memories attached…. that seems sacred turf. (Love the bedroom wall colour btw!)

    • Thanks for the vote (and for checking out the blog!), Lauren! I’m totally against painting antiques with memories attached, as well. That’s why the dresser, cedar chest and tv console are staying wood-colored. The problem with the liquor cabinet is that no one in Robert’s family seems to have and special memories attached to it, and everyone in his family that I’ve asked seems to be of the opinion “it’s yours now, paint it if you want!” Oh the indecision!

  4. Question: Is it real wood? It looks like the kind of furniture that’s made of pressed wood with that contact- like paper over it? If that’s what it is ,I think you need to use an oil-based primer first, so the glue doesn’t loosen.

    I vote for painting it. Right now it just looks like a run of the mill piece of furniture from the “70”s. With paint, it’d look unique.

  5. I would paint the liquor cabinet in a heartbeat, no second guessing. And definitely if parts are real wood and parts are particle board. Just use oil based primer. Can’t wait to see it later!


    • Thanks, Amanda! I’m definitely leaning towards painting! I have paint chips taped to it right now, actually! haha

      Thanks for the tip about oil based primer, I think I remember seeing that on YHL.

  6. mismatched wood can be charming, and please for the love of god – don’t go near that lovely trunk with a paint brush!

    Personally, I can’t imagine being very good at painting wood furniture because I have ZERO patience and would most likely skip steps and fudge the whole thing.

    • Haha no worries Bria, the first few pictures are examples of things I will never, ever paint! The only thing getting painted is the liquor cabinet, with is mostly particle board anyhow.


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