Easy Update: Art Room Organization

by Cait

Our Art Room is office space for both Robert and me, and although we aren’t currently lucky enough to work from home, the space still needs to be functional as a place to blog, create, and in Robert’s case do homework.  With those three functions taking place in one room, it can often get a little cluttered, so on our recent Ikea trip we picked up some things to rectify this situation.

Art RoomThose of you reading since Day 1 probably recognize this photo.

We decided to get some (ironically named) Ekby Robert brackets, Ekby shelves, a Grundtal rail and s-hooks, and a couple of Asker containers.

Robert was excited to get started.

We started by putting the Grundatl rail together, sticking our magnetic level to it, and marking inside the screw holes once it was level on the wall.  We hung it will screws and wall anchors, because we like to be excessive.

Then we marked where we wanted the brackets to go on the shelf so that we could put the shelf together, level the whole thing on the wall, and mark where to attach the bracket.  It might seem like sort of a bass-ackwards way to go about it since we have to take the shelf back off to hang the brackets, but we decided that would work best for us.

After we had the bottom shelf hung, we simply used the tallest object we were planning to put on the shelf as a gauge as to where the top shelf should go, and repeated the process.

The whole process took about twenty minutes.

Cost Breakdown:
Ekby Robert Brackets: 7.50 each
Ekby Östen shelves: 4.99 each
Grundtal Rail: 8.99
Asker Container: 5.99 each
S-hooks: 2.99
Screws & Wall anchors: already owned

Total: 63.97

6 Comments to “Easy Update: Art Room Organization”

  1. This is a wonderful post and may be one that should be followed up to see how things go

    A colleague e mailed this link the other day and I’m desperately awaiting your next content. Continue on the very good work.

    • Thanks so much, Annika! Glad you found our blog :)

      The Art Room is very much a work in progress, so we’ll continue to post about how we got it organized :)

  2. Picked up your site via google the other day and absolutely love it. Continue this fantastic work.

  3. I share my art studio space with my husbands office too. I
    just found some old cup hooks I found at an Ikea and was thinking
    of somehow using them in my studio. The pods you have pencils in
    look like a good idea to try. I’m interested to see what other ways
    you organize your space. With the limited space I have, the only
    bare spot in the room is the ceiling. Maybe invent some shelves
    that pull down from the ceiling like on a photographers lighting
    boom. JK

    • Thanks Bethany! I’ll have to do another post on organization in the art room/office soon! We like the idea of using wall space for shelves, and I really liked the 2×2 Expedits I saw wall mounted at Ikea recently. I may have to make something similar that is not as deep for our space soon.

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