I Love It When Projects Find Me

by Cait

Last night on a trip to Target I ran headlong into our next project.

Can you guess what it is? (Or what it will be?)

I also ran headlong into an end table that matches coordinates with the coffee table my grandfather’s friend made, but I don’t have sixty bucks to spend on an end table.  Especially not after my BFF Target didn’t have what I went in for, so I have to order it online.  And go to Lowes to get some blur and some more blur (Myhtbusters anyone?) to finish up the above project.  And maybe some drywall to help me convince my lovely hubby that we so need to start on the fireplace soon.  Do you think drywall will fit in a Beetle?

8 Responses to “I Love It When Projects Find Me”

  1. That would be a unique post. How to get drywall into a VW.

  2. Haha it would be a unique post! I have gotten some strange things into a Beetle before (like PVC pipe), especially when I was an art major 200 miles away from my mom’s mini van, but drywall would be impressive…

  3. I have no clue, love Target they keep updating their home decor section so fast! love them for that :)

    • Yeah, whenever Target updates their line I go a little gaga with how much stuff I want! Haha

      Stay tuned, we should have this project finished up soon!

  4. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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