The Painters Are In

by Cait

Dots is helping me contemplate paint colors today.  She says she doesn’t believe any of that “dogs are colorblind” nonsense, and she can totally help me pick a color.  Look at that concentration.

Mom, I’m totally going to pick the perfect color.

We actually have two projects we’re working on today: the window seat and the hutch.  The window seat is Dottie’s brain child, since she sits on it more than me likes to help with this kind of thing.

The hutch currently has paint swatches taped on both sides so we can study them in natural and artificial light.

The hutch is my project.  The latest YHL Reader Redesign had me craving paint swatches, sample cans and a paint brush so my hutch could stop being covered in faux dust (as I mentioned in Lighting Woes the hutch has paint overspray on it).  I’m thinking to top swatch (Valspar Restless Seas) is going to be my winner.

I’m also trying to pick a color for the inside, and I’m leaning towards the color second from the left- Valspar East Coast from the Seaside Retreat line.

This doesn’t smell like the right choice.

Dots has sniffed out the perfect color, too.  She’s thinking of using that quart of Valspar La Fonda Grassy Knoll in the shed (ironically originally purchased for the hutch).

This is hard work, Mom.

Do you have a helper with projects like this, or am I crazy for having a dog that seems to enjoy redoing furniture?

Check back later today or tomorrow to see how our projects turned out!

Update: See how the window seat turned out here and how the hutch tuned out here.

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