The Burning Question

by Cait

Have I mentioned the fact that I want to redo our fireplace?


Don’t get me wrong, the grey tile is nice and all, but the pattern on the accent tiles (which stop halfway down…?) isn’t matched up the right way, and sometimes it feels like the mantle needs to be grounded.  If it was just that the tiles stopped halfway down, I’d put something in front to block guests’ view so they wouldn’t notice, but since the accent tiles are wonky too, I just let it all hang out and tell them we plan to redo the fireplace if/when they notice.  Because I’m lazy on top of things like that.

The Hutch's New Home... for now

And as you can see from this picture, the grey tile wraps around behind the hutch, and then wraps around again to the small section of wall before the hall.  I find this a little weird.

Although we probably won’t be able to do anything quite yet about the fireplace, I wanted to start documenting the process here.  We were initially thinking of using flagstone for the fireplace, but now we feel like that wouldn’t go with the style of the room as well– too lodgey.  If the fireplace was in the living room instead of the library it would be perfect, but since the library is a little brighter and more open we want to pick a fireplace style that goes along with that.

I’ve been rereading Katie’s fireplace makeover over at Bower Power, and discussing with Robert the possible need to buy a tool he’s been eying- the powder-actuated tool like Jeremy used.  And maybe a hammer drill (because every once and a while you just have to let them buy power tools).  We might do a similar fireplace renovation, but instead of slate tiles we will probably use flagstone for the surround, or something similar in texture or color, like travertine.  We’ll drywall the other walls that are covered in grey tile, texture them to match the plaster walls in the rest of the house, and paint them the same Spun Honey as the main living spaces.  We’ll also beef up the mantle so it’s more grounded than the current one.  Hopefully this can all take place soon, it would be nice to have it done before the oh-so-harsh Florida winter.

Do you think flagstone will go with the look of our library, or do you think we should do the surround in something else?  Maybe a lighter or smoother texture?

3 Responses to “The Burning Question”

  1. DO it! I can’t wait to see you tackle this…
    XO – kbo

  2. Haha, thanks Katie! I can’t wait to tackle it, I hope it’s in the cards for us really soon! Until then, lots of planning!

    XO – C


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