Seeing the Light

by Cait

Ever wonder what’s behind your medicine cabinet?

medicine cabinet renoWhy, that would be some of  the electrical wiring for our kitchen!

Ok, let me back up.  The medicine cabinet in this bathroom was the standard 1950’s three-section, recessed mirrored style (that I forgot to take true before picture of, sorry!), that wasn’t fitting with the mood we wanted for the guest bathroom.  Since there is a large, upright linen closet almost directly behind the former medicine cabinet, we decided the medicine cabinet wasn’t necessary.  So we ripped it out.  We were just going to remove the mirrored doors, maybe the shelves and then drywall over it, but the former homeowner who converted the carport into the 4th bedroom didn’t do such a swell job, so we went down the the studs.  The above picture is after we did that and then added some pieces of 2×4 to screw the drywall into, because I was THAT great at remembering to take pictures of things before starting.

patched holeSorry this is blurry, I think the combination of manual focus and low light was my downfall.

So then we measured the hole and added a piece of drywall to fit the hole, because originally we were just going to remove the old light fixture and replace it when the new one, but when we were taking down the old fixture the painted over wall paper (I know, gasp! But it had been painted over SEVERAL times, so it was easier to just add another layer rather than go through the nightmare that is wallpaper removal.) started ripping so we just pulled that section of drywall down to start over.  After that, all we had to do was spackle. A lot.

need to spackleOi.

more spackleSeriously. Oi. This could have been avoided if we hadn’t had the last minute drywall removal.

need to sandThat is a lot of spackle.

after sandingAnd a lot of sanding.

The sanding was made easier with our new Ryobi cordless sander, since he hand sanded the drywall patch in the hallway and it took forever.  After all that sanding we painted, used a hole saw to cut an area so we could reach the wires exactly where we wanted the light fixture to go (we had used wire nuts on the ends and turned off the power, so Robert wasn’t reaching for live wires), and put in screws for hanging out mirror.

finally finished
Finally done! Robert is excited!

4 Comments to “Seeing the Light”

  1. That looks great! LOVE the shelf WITH the mirror — it’s a perfect combination! :) You guys did a great job!

    Hopping over from YHL. :)

    • Thanks, Amanda! We think it looks a lot better and suits our needs so much better than the old medicine cabinet (which never had anything in it anyway!)

      Glad you found us!

  2. Is that a shirtless Mike in the picture? Whoa…..what’s goin on there eh???? ;-)

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