We Joined the Club!

by Cait

The White Ceramic Animal Club, that is (except that I’m pretty sure that this one isn’t actually ceramic).

white elephant

Although we liked the white ceramic animals seen in Young House Love and Bower Power, I wasn’t convinced we would join the ranks… until we found this little beauty at HomeGoods for twenty bucks earlier this summer and knew that he needed to live on our mantle.  Usually we’re more members of the Colors-seen-in-nature Animal Club (ok, so I don’t think that’s actually a real club… yet) as demonstrated by the natural colored horse behind the elephant.  And by usually I mean “this is the only white ceramic animal in our house… so far”.

3 Responses to “We Joined the Club!”

  1. LOVE! Seriously. I think I might leave Jeremy for that baby!
    XO – kb

  2. Yeah, I fell pretty hard for the elephant. And at one point I actually thought Robert might run away with it, haha ;)
    XO – Cait


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