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July 31, 2010

Lighting Woes

by Cait

I was trying to take updated pictures of the house this afternoon, and granted I didn’t pick the time of day that is best for taking pictures of the front rooms in our house (which is just as the sun is starting to set), but the impending thunderstorm kept trying to thwart my efforts.  These are some of the better attempts, and I also updated the guest bathroom’s after shots in Our House (though I’m sure I’ll change those again soon).

Dining Roomrearranged dining roomAs I mentioned before, we switched the hutch and the bench that used to be in the entryway. Those piece of art leaning on the bench need to have frames made with shoe molding and hung (probably on the wall above).

HutchThe Hutch's New Home... for nowWe moved the hutch to the wall in the “entry way” (aka- the wall you see when you walk in). We plan to paint this Valspar’s Dolphin Cove with a blue or green color for the back panel because that isn’t dust outlines you see, that’s white over-spray from the painters my in-law’s hired to paint the bathroom in their guest room (which is the former home for the bookshelf). We may even add doors to the bottom piece one day.

Fireplace in LibraryfireplaceWe didn’t do a whole lot to this yet, other than paint the room it’s in and add some things to the mantle. Eventually we’d like the fireplace to be done in flagstone, but since we haven’t been lucky enough to uncover any in our yard like Katie over at Bower Power and Sara at Russet Street Reno we have to wait until we win the lottery save up enough money for that project.

Living RoomLiving RoomOh living room, the love-hate relationship I have with you and your small windows & wood ceiling is demonstrated nicely in this picture… This room in a pain in my backside to take pictures of because of a) the lovely beam running through the center of the room, b) the fact that wood ceiling just makes the room look too dark in general, and c) the squat, poorly sealed 70s windows installed when this was made into a room in the first place. There is a list longer than my arm of things I’d like to do to this room eventually (and shockingly enough this list doesn’t actually include ripping the pine boards off the ceiling).

July 31, 2010

We Joined the Club!

by Cait

The White Ceramic Animal Club, that is (except that I’m pretty sure that this one isn’t actually ceramic).

white elephant

Although we liked the white ceramic animals seen in Young House Love and Bower Power, I wasn’t convinced we would join the ranks… until we found this little beauty at HomeGoods for twenty bucks earlier this summer and knew that he needed to live on our mantle.  Usually we’re more members of the Colors-seen-in-nature Animal Club (ok, so I don’t think that’s actually a real club… yet) as demonstrated by the natural colored horse behind the elephant.  And by usually I mean “this is the only white ceramic animal in our house… so far”.