Fisherman Sconce

by Cait

Ok, so I totally love this sconce, but that is not the point of this entry.  Someone in the blog world was looking for something like these. Problem is I don’t know a) how recent the post was, b) who it was or c) what their budget is.  I happened upon their blog but can’t find it again to link them (you’d think I would have put that bad boy in my blog roll).  Life is sad!  Here’s hoping someone stumbles upon this post and knows what/who I’m talking at about to link them back to these beauties…

PB kids wall sconce

$69.00 at Pottery Barn Kids (comes in pendant as well)

2 Comments to “Fisherman Sconce”

  1. Cait, I’m not looking for sconces but I WISH I WAS!!!! That is a delicious one. Thanks so much for your comments today!

  2. Sara, I love that sconce, and the pendant light version of it. I just wish there was somewhere in our house where it would fit in! You’re welcome for the comments, and thanks for checking out my blog!

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