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July 29, 2010

Fisherman Sconce

by Cait

Ok, so I totally love this sconce, but that is not the point of this entry.  Someone in the blog world was looking for something like these. Problem is I don’t know a) how recent the post was, b) who it was or c) what their budget is.  I happened upon their blog but can’t find it again to link them (you’d think I would have put that bad boy in my blog roll).  Life is sad!  Here’s hoping someone stumbles upon this post and knows what/who I’m talking at about to link them back to these beauties…

PB kids wall sconce

$69.00 at Pottery Barn Kids (comes in pendant as well)

July 29, 2010

Dining Room Remix

by Cait

Everything old is new again.  That’s why bellbottoms and aviators came back, right?  And while some things should stay in the past (like shoulder pads and acid washed jeans), our dining room layout was beginning to be a little cramped… so we moved the hutch… again.

I mentioned yesterday that not everything in the Our House section is 100% accurate right now because I have been too lazy it has been too dark to take pictures when I get home from working ridiculous amounts of overtime. I’m still waiting for this weekend to get updated pictures, but I thought I’d explain at least one of the changes we made.  So for those playing along at home our dining room went from looking like this:

Dining Room

To looking like this:

Dining Room

And then it looked like this:

Dining Room with Hutch

(Please excuse the backpack on the floor in that second shot, I didn’t realize it was there when I took that photo.)

While we liked have the hutch stacked bookshelf & secretary (to quote Young House Love we are “work with whacha got” kind of people) to store out dishes, we wanted to have “a little swinging room” in the words of my husband. So now the hutch has moved to the wall directly in front of you when you walk in and the bench that was there moved over to the wall where the “hutch” was. I know, I know, I said that the reason we moved it was because we wanted more room, but it works out because the bench isn’t nearly as tall as the hutch.

4835547447_fd114e9e4e_b copy

And truthfully (although don’t tell Robert because he won’t want to help me move the furniture. again. Oh hi, honey!), I’m tempted to move the hutch to this wall:

Other Table

I’m just not sure how I’ll like the table sticking out into the room further (even if we turn it length wise. again.)

I hope you’ll forgive me (us) for not having perfectly up-to-date photos yet, and take this post as a peace offering.