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July 28, 2010

It Has Been Five Minutes Since My Last Confession

by Cait

Ok, so I did just create the Our House and Source List sections (and yes, they have kitchen pictures now- score!), but I should mention that we have actually moved some things around since those photos were taken… That’s right, I used pictures that I had previously uploaded to my Facebook page. Hopefully my one reader people who get here by accident don’t hate me for my blogging faux pas!

I plan to take some even more recent pictures of the way out house looks when I have good natural lighting this weekend. And because it’s another faux pas to blog without posting pictures, I leave you with this photo of how the library used to look, back when the hutch was used as a bookshelf and the current tv console was used to hold back issues of ReadyMade, and a photo of the kitchen when all we had done was paint twice and change out the cabinet hardware.