New blog!

by Cait

In September of 2009 we proudly added our names to our house’s long list of owners. Built in 1955, the house came with an even longer list of previous DIY projects and renovations, some of which were better than others. We loved the fact that our house had gone from the original 1220 square feet to 1851 square feet and the original hardwood floors throughout most of the house, but there was more poorly done tile work, mini blinds and contractor’s beige than you could shake a stick at. There was also an awful lot of dust, dead bugs, dirty windows, and general grime, thanks to the owner before us flipping it rather than actually living there. We brought a small posse to one of our last walkthroughs and so R’s grandmother (think of her as Emily Gilmore, but nicer) spoke up and got the house cleaned within an inch of its life.

After the eviction of said funk, I began (lovingly) attacking the house with paint before we even moved in, and pretty much haven’t stopped tweaking it since then.

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